In the Football Diet, you spend every week preparing for Sunday. And every Sunday you decide whether the coming week you will play offense or defense. You and your fans always know whether this is an offense week or a defense week.
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Defense Weeks

Think of the best football team of all time, playing their best game of the season. Were they on offense the entire game? No. They won because they played great offense and they played great defense. If we try to play offense all the time, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. And failure leads to dropping the whole game. So the Football Diet mixes offense and defense. I don’t necessarily alternate back and forth from one week to another, but I make a conscious choice each week—will this be an offense week or a defense week?

If it’s a defense week, you’re not trying to lose weight. Instead, you’re trying trying to not gain weight–you’re playing defense, trying to keep the other side from making a first down. On a defense week, your goal is to end the week at the same weight you started. If you weigh 167 on the Sunday of a defense week, your goal is to weigh 167 on the following Sunday. Yes! This is a diet where you aren’t always trying to lose weight.

I weigh myself every day on defense weeks too. This gives me a gauge for how hard I need to push or how easy I can take things and still end up the same weight the following Sunday.

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